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A complete list of tweaks and utilities (along with descriptions) that I currently have installed on my iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1.2

Hi guys! I thought I'd post this list for anyone who's still on iOS 7.1.2 or anyone who's still relatively new to jailbreaking. I jailbroke for the first time few months ago and I found that the most difficult part was finding the tweaks to add to the phone. All the tweaks on this list will work together on iOS 7.1.2. That being said many of these tweaks have been updated for iOS 8 but I cannot personally guarantee their stability as I am still on 7.1.2
Action Menu: -Adds more options to the standard copy and paste.
Action Menu Plus Pack: -Adds even more options to Action Menu.
Activator: -Assign almost any gesture to preform almost any action. i.e. my sleep button is only semi-functional so I made it so sliding in with a finger from the top right of the screen locks the phone. Offers incredible levels of customization.
ActiveBoard: -Default settings create a white ring around running apps and a red fading ring around apps with notifications. Personally I changed the settings so this only applies to apps in the dock that have notifications. It's gentler than the standard app badge.
AdBlocker: -Blocks ads...Duh. Incredibly useful in safari.
AirBlue Sharing: -Allows the transfer of basically any document between jailbroken iDevices. I've read it also allows document transfer to android devices but I cannot personally confirm this.
AirFloat: -Turns any iDevice into an airplay speaker. App must be open for this to work. Not sure how useful this is but it sure is fun.
AlienBlue++: -Adds meme maker and YouTube downloader to AlienBlue.
AlienBlueTags: -Adds user tags to AlienBlue.
AlienBlueVisitedSync: -Links visited on AlienBlue will show up as visited on a web browser. Useful if you surf reddit on your phone and your computer often.
Animer7: -Changes up the standard notification banner animation.
Apex2: -A different way of grouping apps. MUCH better than folders in my opinion.
AquaBoard: -Adds some cool liquid animations to the home screen. This tweak eats battery so I only use it to impress friends who have no idea what a jailbrake is or what it can do.
Aria: -Changes the layout of the music app. Makes it look much cleaner.
AskToCall: -No more accidentally tapping a number or contact and having your phone immediately dial. The alert prompt is entirely customizable from settings so don't worry if you don't like the default layout.
AskToSend: -Same thing as AskToCall but for email. Very useful if you are writing and saving drafts to send in the future.
Assistant Unrestrictor: -Siri depends on a wifi or 3G/LTE connection. This tweak unlocks a voice command assistant built into iOS 7. Not as powerful as Siri but it works.
Athena 2 (iOS 7): -Add tints to all app icons on springboard. Use with winterboard themes for an even more customized look. The tweak will claim it doesn't work with iOS 7.1.2 but it does.
Auki: -Adds several features to the stock messages app such as a quick reply option for message alert banners, contact photos in messages, and my personal favorite: the ability to mute conversations. This is especially useful if you're in a group message that keeps going off but you don't want to permanently leave the conversation.
BatteryLife: -Very useful utility that gives you important statistics on your phone battery. This includes things like current discharge rate and the percent of remaining useable battery capacity.
BatteryStatusBar: -Places a thin line above the status bar that indicates the level of battery charge. Color can be changed in settings.
BetrFoldr: -Adds customization to folders. Allows the creation of nested folders, and adds pinch to close.
BetterPasscodeKeypad: -Passcode buttons no longer flash when pressed. May make it harder for people to memorize your passcode at a glance.
BetterWifi7: -Indicates wifi signal strength, adds a "known networks" list which gives you all known wifi passwords, adds an "open networks only" option so only networks with no password are displayed, also disables passcode when phone is connected to trusted networks (like your home wifi).
Burst mode: -Hold down the stock camera shutter button to continuously take photos for as long as it is pressed.
BytaFont 2: -Change the font on your device. Countless font options available.
CalcBase: -Change the mathematical base of the stock calculator app between binary, base 10, and hexadecimal.
CameraTweak 2 (iOS 7): -Lots of features added to the stock camera app. My personal favorite is the delay timer.
CamVolZoom: -Use the volume buttons to control zoom in the camera app.
CCControls: -Adds many toggle controls to the control center.
CCLoader: -Control what is and isn't displayed in the control center.
CCMeters: -Display current network information in the control center.
CCSliders: -Combine the brightness and volume slider into one. Tap to switch between them.
Clex: -Swipe onto the right side of the screen to display music controls. Nice way to declutter the control center.
Cloaky: -Hide items you don't want to see such as the rotation lock indicator or the battery icon in the status bar which is redundant if you have BatteryStausBar.
Compose for iOS 7: -Adds a quick compose for messages and mail to the control center.
CrashReporter: -When something crashes this'll tell you what crashed and what caused it to crash. It's good but doesn't ALWAYS work.
CustomLS: -Modify what's displayed in the lock screen.
Cylinder: -Adds page transition animations to the lock screen. MUCH better than Barrel for several reasons. 1.) it's free 2.) it has FAR more animation choices 3.) you can combine animations 4.) fewer glitches.
DarkFolders7: -Darken the background folder blur (looks good with darker wallpapers).
DataMeter: -Adds a data usage meter directly to the notification center.
Dated: -Add more information to the messages app time stamps.
DisableWelcomeBanner: -Disable annoying Game Center welcome banner.
Disk Pie: -Tells you EXACTLY how every last byte of your device's memory is being used.
DynamicText: -Changes the slide to unlock text depending on the time of day.
Eclipse: -A darker theme for iOS. Creates a very nice look. Also works with most apps.
Effects+: -Added camera effects.
f.lux: -Changes the display colors a bit to adjust for indoor lighting conditions at night.
FaceOff 7: -Adds options to make the screen deactivate if the device is placed face down on a table or in your pocket. The only issue with this tweak is that there are honestly far too many setting options for such a simple idea. Download it and you'll see what I mean by that.
FailSafe: -A good anti theft tweak. If the passcode is input incorrectly this tweak forces the phone out of airplane mode and also activates wifi and cellular data.
FakeCarrier: -Get rid of your carrier name in the status bar and replace it with something custom.
Forecast: -Wonderful weather tweak. Swipe from right to left on the lock screen to display weather information.
GIFViewer: -GIFs can be played in the photos app.
GuestMode: -A passcode bypass that allows limited access to the device. Useful if you have friends who like to play games on your device but you're worried they may go snooping.
iBlank for iOS 7: -Create invisible app icons which allows you to customize your home screen layout.
iCleaner: -Gets rid of the useless files that accumulate over time. I was able to free up 15 GB of memory and haven't missed a single one of those files.
iFile: -Very powerful system file manager.
iMessage Unlimited Media Send: -Remove the video length restriction on iMessage.
Infinidock: -Scroll through the dock like you scroll through home screen pages.
InstaLauncher: -Called with an activator action (I'd recommend shaking the device while on the home screen). This tweak generates an easy to navigate app list.
iTunes Radio Unlimited: -Gives you unlimited skips and removes ads from iTunes Radio.
iWidgets: -Add HTML widgets to your springboard.
KeyBlack: -Gives you a very nice dark keyboard theme with fewer glitches than other dark keyboard tweaks (including eclipse). LockKeyboard works nicely as well and gives a slightly different look.
Mail Enhancer Pro iOS 7: -Includes a useful feature that allows you to color code what mailbox and email was sent to. Useful if you have multiple email accounts.
MailUnlimitedPhotos: -Removes the limit on the number of pictures you can send in an email.
Messages Customizer: -Adds a ton of options to customize the stock messages app.
Mikoto: -Allows the customization of several core apps as well as some tweaks to iOS.
MobileTerminal: -A Command Terminal Interface. If you have no idea what that is DO NOT GET THIS.
Möbius: -Continuously scroll through springboard pages.
MultiIconMover+: -Move multiple icons simultaneously.
Nitrous: -Speeds up non-safari browsers.
NoPhotosCollections: -Removes the collections tab in the stock photos app.
Notific8: -Combines the "all" and "missed" tabs into a single "notifications" tab.
NoTracking+: -Stops apps (like Facebook) from tracking you.
Photo Blackground: -Remove the standard white background in the iOS 7 Photos app.
Photo Info: -Get all the information on every photo in the photos app.
Power Tap: -Tap the power down knob to toggle between respring, reboot, safemode, and power down.
ProWidgets: -Wonderfully designed widgets for iOS. Also has the option to add third party widgets. Third party options I'd recommend include: flashlightProWidget, Thesaurus ProWidget, Translate ProWidget, Wikipedia ProWidget, WolframAlpha ProWidget.
SafariTabCount: -Shows a tab count in the safari tab button.
Slide2Kill 7: -Swipe down on any app in the app switcher to kill all running apps.
Slo-mo Mod: -Enables slow motion video capture on devices older than the iPhone 5S.
Smart Search: -Add sources to the spotlight search.
Springtomize 3: -Lots of iOS customization options.
StatusForecast: -Put the temperature in the status bar.
statusvol: -view the volume level in the status bar. Other tweaks will do this but statusvol is the only one that works with BatteryStatusBar.
StoreAlert: -Ask before redirecting to the App Store.
SwipeSelectionPro: -Swipe along the keyboard to move the cursor.
TapTodaysCalendar: -Tap the date in the notification center to open the calendar app.
TetherMe: -Enables hotspot on your device even if your current cellular provider wants more money for that option.
top: -An add-on to MobileTerminal that allows you to view the processes running on your phone. IMPORTANT: Once you are done with top PRESS 'Q' ON THE KEYBOARD BEFORE CLOSING MOBILETERMINAL. If you forget to do this then to close top you must open MobileTerminal, type 'su root', hit enter, type 'alpine' (no characters will show on screen when typing the root password), hit enter, then type 'killall top'. If you do not do this top will continuously run in the background and your battery will suffer.
TypeStatus: -A status bar pop up that tells you when someone is typing.
VibCall: -Phone vibrates once when call starts. Never butt dial again!
WinterBoard: -Add themes to the iOS UI.
YouTube Pro: -Adds many enhancements to the YouTube app.
3G Unrestrictor 5 (iOS 7): -Forces all "wifi only" apps to use cellular data when there is no wifi source.
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